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VNU Business Media Europe and PPE Group in a co-publishing partnership are launching their IT-Portal

February 8, 2006
Moscow, Russia, a new comprehensive IT web site created by PPE Group in partnership with VNU Business Media Europe, offers many unique features: reliable and competent information for investment in the area of IT for professionals and newbies alike, free publishing tools or blogs, content provided by VNUnet, and Gizmodo from the Gawker media Group, and a variety of services.

Mr. Pascal Clement, CEO of PPE Group, Mr. Dominique Busso, CEO of VNUnet Europe, and Mr. Matthieu Dejardens, Director of hosted a press-conference to announce the new project.

According to Pascal Clément, CEO of PPE Group, “ will allow us to increase our on-line presence and use the opportunity of rapid e-commerce growth in Russia. A strong partner, VNU Business Media Europe is ideal for us as it brings in new sources of reliable and competent information, interactive techniques for promotion and blogging, professional services and consultation on-line. Our already solid position in e-commerce will be further enhanced by this new site through attracting the affluent and rapidly growing internet community and converting it into a loyal e-shops clientele, at the same time generating internet advertising space sales.”  

Dominique Busso, CEO of VNUnet Europe, commented: “We chose PPE Group for their strong off line and online presence on the Russian territory for the past ten years. They also have been operating successfully the leading Ecommerce site, and it is clear that their knowledge of the online market in Russia will be key for our new venture together. VNUnet already has a leading European presence on 7 territories with over 10 Millions uniques per month, this new version of VNUnet under the brand looks very promising to strengthen further this global presence on a dynamic online growth market like Russia”.  

Russian internet community accounts for more than 22 million people. E-commerce market in Russia shows dynamic growth at 40% year-on-year rate.

PPE Group (
is an undisputed leader in distance selling in Russia. By the end of the first half of 2005, the Group’s turnover stood at USD 48.7 million. The company offers a broad spectrum of consumer products and credit facilities, as well as high-quality business services to both corporate clients and a diversified consumer clientele in Russia and abroad. PPE Group’s multi-faceted approach is based on two major business sectors: mail order and e-commerce. Na Dom is the flagship of the Group’s mail order business: the extent of its catalog activity can be summed up by the fact that it is now the Russian postal service’s second largest customer. E-commerce is represented by and sells a broad range of Russian language books, videos, DVDs, CDs, selected software, mobile phones, electronics and photo equipment. offers electronics and high-tech products. sells on-line all the products offered in the mail-order catalogs, as well as supplementary items exclusive to the e-shop. In December 2005, PPE Group extended its business range and launched the Milanor project, which incorporates several web portals and e-shops.

About VNU Business Media Europe ( :
VNU Business Media Europe is one of the leading b2b publishing companies in Europe. Specialized in areas such as technology, business & finance, and recruitment, we deliver highly valuable information to the business communities formed by our readers and visitors to our exhibitions and websites. Through these cross-media information platforms we offer our clients focused and measurable solutions for their communication needs with leading business professionals throughout Europe. VNU BME is present in 7 wholly-owned operating companies in the UK, Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain. It has approximately 70 print titles, gained through organic growth and the acquisition of strong local publishers. It is No. 1 or a strong No. 2 in each of its markets.
VNU BME has a leading online position in the IT World industry in Europe via its network of sites that reach over 10 million unique users per month. VNUnet is VNU’s one-stop-shop to gather information and news about trends, products and software in the IT world, including solid analysis from VNU’s leading print brands such as Computing, Computable and Computeractive. VNU is constantly striving to expand on this base with partnerships such as this.

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