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PC Pro Testing

The Truth about HD
You can hear it everywhere: High Definition rules, and HD ready-devices make you happy beyond imagination. But no one tells you about missing interfaces, underscan-options, compatibility issues or overall optical quality and the difference between Plasma- and LCD-TV-sets. PC Professionell tells you everything: How to receive HDTV, how to get along with HD-Copy Protection Standards, how to find the perfect device for your needs, and we have tested 5 HD-TV-sets from 2300 up to 5000 Euros. Do they keep their promises? Read it all in our Special Report on HDTV.

1000s of passwords – who can remember them all?
Password Safe and Repository 2006 Pro can! This tool (25 Euro) wins our comparative test of password managing-software because it is safe, reliable, flexible and comes with lots of comfortable features such as integrated password generator, password security check, password import/export, encrypted master password, protected cache, 448 bit encryption, automatic backup and many more. But be careful when buying a different product, only 2 out of 8 programmes in our test can be recommended. So read this comparative test first ;-)

Better than expected: Notebooks from 600 Euros
To get a reliable Notebook-PC people need not necessarily pay 2000 Euro or even more. There are many good Notebooks like HP's Compaq nx6125 (735 Euro) you can use for your daily office work and even some multimedia tasks, only 3D-games won't perform on these mobile budget-platforms. Choose the device best suiting your needs from our comparative test of 10 notebooks not more expensive than 750 Euro.

Memory in a Flash: More than 70 Flashcards tested
Be it your digital camera, your PDA, your PND or your mobile phone – flash cards provide you with extra memory from 32 MByte up to 4 GByte. We have tried and tested all standards and show you the best in CF-, SD-, Memory-Stick-, MMC-Plus-, and Mini-Standard in this comparative test of over 70 flash memory cards.

Copy, Print, Scan, Fax: New Jacks of all trades
Instead of buying one device after another offices can safe money and use one multi-functional device for xeroxing, printing, scanning and faxing. Now good quality laser-based MFCs are available from 785 Euro. Most printing cost effective is Brother's MFC-9420CN for 1200 Euro, which is well equipped and easy to use, printing and scanning quality on the other hand could be much better. Read all about the nine MFCs tested in our new comparative test.

Saving Server-Lives: Disaster-Recovery-Software
If you're running a business based on an IT-infrastructure you want your servers to be up and running continuously, because every failure costs you money. Disaster Recovery Software reduces the downtime of your servers in case of emergencies like hardware-failures to a minimum and gets you back to business in almost no time. The best programme in our comparative test is Acronis True Image Enterprise Server 9.1 with Disaster Recovery Option (1300 Euro), but if you have a tighter budget you may try Tom Ehlert's Drive Snapshot 1.37 for only 90 Euro, which still offers good backup- and recovery-functionality.

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