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PC Professionell - 7/2006 - News and Trends

The future of Windows is now: Vista available to all users
Microsoft has just started with the general Beta-2-phase: Now everybody can download the new operating system for testing purposes – and it comes free of charge, of course. How you can easily install Windows Vista Beta 2 alongside your existing Windows XP shows PC Professionell in this special report. Additionally we have tested some of the new performance features in Vista like Superfetch, Readyboost and Readydriver.

Win one of 1000 Multi-Format-DVD-Burners with PCpro and Samsung
In this month's issue readers can win one of 1000 DVD-burners Samsung SH-S162L, which support all DVD-formats including dual layer and DVD-RAM.

300 anti-hacker tools: Protecting your PC using the tricks of Hackers
To defend yourself against hackers and malware attacks you should know the enemy's tricks. But PC Professionell provides you with even more: On the cover-mounted disk of our DVD-Edition you'll find the Backtrack Network Security Suite, a collection of hackers' tools that help you check your PC and network for security loopholes and unsafe configurations and passwords. We show you how to start off with this linux-based live-CD security-suite and what's inside, from security scanners to password checkers, sniffers and WLAN-audits.

The First in HD: Toshiba HD-A1
Although HD-DVD-Players will enter the German market as late as autumn, PC Professionell got its first device already, and we have looked at what's inside, checked the output quality and we'll tell you if its worth waiting for the Toshiba HD-A1.

Data through the air at high speed: Wireless LAN will offer 600 MBit/s
More speed, more reliable and less failure: The new standard for Wireless LAN 802.11n will be finalized in 2007 and will feature MIMO (multiple input, multiple output), Beamforming (concentrating the power of the signals on one Client) and will be able to sent 600 MBit per second through the air. At the moment there are Routers available with up to 300 MBit/s (so called draft-n devices) from Netgear, Buffalo, D-Link and Linksys. Our Techtalk offers in-depth information that helps users to decide which router to buy.

Computex 2006: Highlighting IT-Trends
The second most important IT-trade fair in the world is again showing off new products, trends, and a full-featured on-site live-testing lab by PC Professionell. DVB and HDTV, trends in mobile computing, wireless networking and IP-based telephony – read all about it in this issue's special report.

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