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New important certification obtained by Elettronica Oggi

Milan, 15 September 2005 - Elettronica Oggi, the leading Italian magazine of microelectronics and professional electronics edited by VNU Italy, today has successfully completed the auditing process concerning the certification of the quality of its circulation lists. This service certification has been released by BVQi Italy, the Italian subsidiary of the well known international organization Bureau Veritas Quality international, world leader in the quality system certification activities. Here are the main data:

Job function:
Top and general management 11.7 %
Sales and marketing managers 2.6 %
Technical directors                 11.2 %
Chief design engineers 14.8 %
Design engineers                 20.8 %
Technical assistants                 15.1 %
IT managers and technicians 3.3 %
R&D Area                                  3.8 %
consultants, teachers                  1.6 %
other                                 15.1 %

Market Sectors:
Industry                                                                     12.4 %
Industrial and building automation, safety                  9.5%
Machine design and construction                                  4.8%
IT, telecom, datacom, networking                                 15.6 %
Electronic components                                                  9.2%
Electric and electronic devices design and production 23.6%
Transportation, aerospace, military                  2.3 %
Engineering, designing and consultancy services 12.6 %
Other                                                                  9.8 %    

According the BVQi audit, the circulation of Elettronica Oggi (printrun 9.090 copies, circulation 8.606 copies, CSST certificate n. 2004-1053) feature the above breakdowns complying to this distribution:
81.19% to readers meeting the requirements of the ‘Job functions’ data  
81.19% to readers meeting the requirements the ‘Market Sectors’ data  
76,61% to readers meeting both the requirements
Elettronica Oggi is the first and unique Italian magazine performing an audit process on its circulation. Since this year, VNU has chosen to work with BVQi, so replacing BPA certification. This is due to the more effectiveness and completeness that the BVQi auditing is able to guarantee. Like the BPA auditing, BVQi certification has –as a final result- a statement declaring the quality of the distribution lists of the magazine. However –and this is the very interesting plus- the auditing involves also the quality certification of the company processes. So, the guarantee for the advertisers id double: BVQi audit not only the quality of the target readers, but also the quality of the methods and procedures establishing the circulation processes.

For more information:
Marcela Gomez, Circulation Manager VNU, mail [email protected], +39 02 66034.287
Alberto Taddei, Publisher Cluster Trade, mail [email protected], +39 02 66034.249

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